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Future of Religions
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 There will be religions till the end of human civilization. Newer and newer ones will keep evolving and weaker and weaker ones will die off. Among the current prominent ones – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Budhism – the chances of survival beyond the next few centuries is maximum only for the strongest in terms of its philosophic content. What determines the strength of philosophic content for a religion? It is rationality, freedom and ability to keep up with scientific progress. Whatever way we analyse it, the one and only religion that has all three qualities is HSD - Hindu Sanatana Dharma (PTBH).
The religion is structured for practice by all sections of the society, depending on the various levels of intelligence, and at the highest level it is fully rational and almost Science. There are no idols, no rituals and no god at this level – only pure consciousness and awareness of the cosmic Brahman. Man becomes fully live but completely static like the minutest Brahmon in a super-cooled state with zero entropy. HSD has never been rigid and it offers full freedom to believers, non-believers and even opponents in equal measure. And it has always been the most scientific because of the seamless boundaries between Modern Science and HSD Shastras.
Among the other religions, the first two are completely mired in Sex and Violence respectively. Both do not allow freedom of thought, expression and practice. As Man evolves, it is bound to increase his rationality and it would be difficult to remain foolish any longer. All his rational questions need to be answered. Unsubstantiated beliefs, rituals and practices will be ridiculed and thrown out. Top-end HSD beliefs like Adviata and Self-realisation will be the only few that can keep mankind in its path of continuous evolution.      

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08/27/2010 15:21 PM

Comment As I have mentioned elsewhere, Hinduism is a mythology that, like any good drama, a Sherlock Holmes mystery, for example, comes to be believed in - until one pinches oneself, and realises the characters are fictitious, however convincing.  Take Krishna, for example, a wonderful concept of deity, and the cult of Krishna consciousness - taking the myth seriously - it inspires.  These saffron robed devotees chant 'Hare Krishna' as though communicating with a reality, which in reality is a myth.  Buddhism too is a myth believed in to the level of a reality.  Who knows what the state of enlightenment is - all we know is that these enlightened folk die a natural death like everyone else - and myth takes over in a concept of eternal Nirvana.  The only religion that has an interface with reality is that of Jesus Christ: in the flesh he claimed God was his father, and even at his trial, 'I am who am', confirming his own divinity in an historical context.  Of course, the mythological Krishna preceded Christ as a concept, brilliant in its conception, and is in Christian thought a Christ-type fulfilled in Christ the real incarnation, with a historical interface with the eternal in the Resurrection and Ascension events, not to mention countless appearances in vision form to devotees over the centuries following.  I understand self-realisation to be the ultimate expression of reality in union with the myth of Brahman, but given the latter is a myth, so must self-realisation be ultimately a myth, but with the form of truth that is fulfilled in the reality of union with Jesus Christ to become a son of the Divine Father.  Christ is really a scientific figure of reality, but due to the shortfall of science that cannot explain the resurrection, for example, Christ transcends science - oddly, in a scientific way, since he was perceived in the flesh by disciples after his resurrection.  If there is a future for religion, it must be faith in the historical Christ, God made man. This fact is perpetually renascent from all the departures of historical vicissitude that have so blighted the name of Christianity.

08/10/2010 05:24 AM

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