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Genocide in Srilanka
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How can a Butterfly find flowers to rest on? Skulls were scattered  and mutilated spreading over the traces of massacre, with the heap of skeleton remains but sans flowers. No wonder but yonder, the Sri Lanka government notorious for large scale human rights violations,    Politically called “War Strategy” headed by Mr. Rajapakse who had emerged an outstanding pioneer by indulging in Genocide.It was he who persuaded military forces to commit offences.This clearly amounts to Human rights violation.

It is apparent that the installation of U.S. Military base in Sri Lanka, some 100 miles away from Koodankulam in Tamilnadu had indeed emboldened the present Sri Lanka government to face or invite hostilities from India.

Long, unforgettable Strides engulfed the island country in the wake of civil war through many decades, had not yielded any hope or light to the suffering citizens. LTTE is now nowhere except in exile so far as concerned, according to Sri Lanka Government proclamation. No Indian - origin people were subjected to such extreme violence and genocide to this Multitude in any country across the globe except in Sri Lanka.

Tamils were the first and foremost victims suffered from multi-dimensional attack unleashed by ruthless Sri Lankan Army. No civilised nation accepts massive genocide that too, while prevailing religion preached a lot about qualities non-violence and mercy of mankind. But in Sri Lanka where no such system exists to listen the victim’s woes, stress, human’s basic freedom and rights.

If Lord Buddha was alive, He would have shed the flood of tears whilst the entire land of Jaffna and other places showed a dramatic mockery on non-violence principles by launching massive killings on Tamil civilians. There had been ceaseless conflict between Sri Lankan Army and LTTE activists. But ethnic rancour focused and unleashed on innocent Tamils. They were overpowered, insulted, molested, naked and wretched. Merciless killings of Indian origin people in Sri Lanka were never exposed to international attention but the facts were deliberately suppressed by Sri Lankan Government.

Youngsters in Tamil communities were the target. They were picked up and packed to unknown destinations and no safe-return was reported. International News Papers carried the columns over the conflicts and highlighted the enigmatic evil designs woven by island authorities. Western media had echoed the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

As a part of democratic and humanitarian process, India exercised its diplomatic restraints under the guise of non-interference to neighbouring countries. However our leaders cutting across barriers of Party sphere had condemned and staged demonstrations, rallys and token fasting in Tamilnadu.

India in desperation often repeated its high level diplomatic task to bring out a lasting solution which created no fruitful outcome to the Tamils. In Tamilnadu, tension and unrest erupted. All the political outfits had sought India’s intervention and assistance but nothing got realised. Many people in Tamilnadu burnt themselves and Statewide closure of schools, colleges, shops and establishments, sparked much reaction supporting the cause of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Indian Government responded with a lukewarm sense as they had no strategic agenda or initiatives with broader understanding. Therefore, India could not effect any solutions in favour of the legitimate rights belonging to Sri Lankan Tamils.

Jaffna was haunted and deserted following planned vandalism which swept over religious centres. Being inherited as Indian-origin their dreams had totally been perished. In seventies, the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi, an extraordinary statesman blended with political acumen had extended helping hand to “Mukthibakini” led by Late Mujibur Rahman who fought for Bangladesh freedom. At last, Bangladesh was freed from the clutches of Pakistan.

Bengalis could dream of help from Indian government, whereas Tamils could not dream of the same.

In fact the struggle for freedom and autonomy led by V.Prabakaran, LTTE Chief was justified by whole India until the assassination which cost the life of India’s illustrious leader Rajiv Gandhi, who bore the brunt of sending IPKF to Sri Lanka.

At present, in Sri Lanka refugee camps are hellish where torture and mental agony became regular gifts tendered to inmates. They are captives not only within barbed fencing and also in starved fencing, getting no basic amenities. These camps visited by foreign journalists who issued standing testimoials of pathetic conditions being undergone by camp inmates startled the world community. Unfazed Sri Lanka government continues to mobilise public opinion that it is committed to providing care in the name of rehabilitation.

Is it for re-habilitation or re-destruction? Apart from reminding us the horrible memoirs of atrocities launched vastly during Czar and Hitler regimes, now the Sri Lanka government has reassured welfare schemes for Tamils.

‘Concentration Camps invented by Hitler, whereas Strangulation Camps invented by Rajapakse.’

To save Tamils in Sri Lanka, All civilised nations ought to raise their voice in order to restore Tamils their lost dignity, life, values and legitimate rights.
Institutions where they studied, brought to debris;
Temples where they prayed, razed down,
Houses where they lived in became ashes,
Voiceless weeping wanders in wind,
Vultures hovering above corpses,
Indians glanced at Indians killed,
Generations saw generations buried,
Blood soaked sand murmurs no words.   

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