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Characteristics Of Self-Confident People
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Believe In Themselves. Confident people believe in themselves, and they strongly believe that their life fulfills a special important purpose in the world. They definitely know their strengths and have accepted their weakness.

They Are Very Ambitious. Confident people know what they want in life. They easily define their goals and strive to achieve them. This may be the most significant trait of confident person.

They Are Very Sociable. They are adept at navigating various social situations with seeming ease. This ease is borne of the belief that they belong in any environment. Confident people know how to endear themselves to others and how to take compliments and criticisms gracefully.

They Are Very Competitive. Confident people love competition, they love to test their mettle against the best efforts of others, because they believe they can win, even when they lose.

They Are Risk Takers.

They Are Hard Working. Confident people know the best path to achieving their goals is through putting in hard effort, no matter how exhaustive or arduous.

They Are Very Shrewd. Confident people are often good at quickly sizing up other people and figuring out social hierarchies and situations.

They Are Very Positive. Confident people, simply put, positive people. They know how to overcome doubts, conquer fears, and how to find every silver lining in a sky gone gray with storm clouds. They know that while failure is a part of every day life, even in failure fresh starts are always possible.

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