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Mistakes In Life
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Under extreme stress, even a minor mistake can send you reeling over the edge, grasping for some spare sanity. Some days, you might feel like you're all thumbs, fumbling and dropping items, and wasting precious time while you bumble through your workday.

Are you extra hard on yourself when you make a mistake?

The next time you berate or punish yourself over your misjudgment, follow this mindful practice for calming your tense nerves.

Calm yourself by relaxing into several slow, rhythmic breaths.

Say aloud or inwardly, "I'm human. I'm fallible. I make mistakes just like everyone else. I accept this inevitability."

Consider ways that you can forgive and move on, despite your situation. You may want to forgive yourself in writing, or you may want to seek out reassurance from a coworker or friend.

This is your opportunity to relinquish self-blame and punishment and to move more gently and calmly thr ough your workday.

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