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The Weak Minded Adolescents
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In recent times, news items on suicides by school children and college students make horrifying reading. In both cases the visual media, mainly the television and the cinema are blamed directly for their actions. True, there is no denying about the influence of these two media in the present day life of everyone. The graphic description of murder, suicide and the justification given by lofty dialogues add more vigor to that action. As for as cinema is concerned, the colleges are meant only for fooling around girls, eve teasing, ragging and go for all the unlawful activities in the name of heroism. So the gullible minds of our cinema going public become so conditioned that they enter college only to ‘enjoy’ life and not to ‘learn’ anything.

Apart from these media, the major blame should also go to the parents who are foolish, intolerant, myopic and unreasonably ambitious. Most of the present generation parents are invariably over indulgent with their children. Whatever the children demand they get it. So when there is an adverse reaction from the ever supporting parent, the mind of the children turns hostile and forced to punish them in some way. The media’s contribution comes there to devise methods or go on self destruction.

It is not enough if a couple begets children; to bring them up as a responsible citizen is the most important part of any parenthood. The colleges for the sake of money provide admission to any candidate whether he is interested in studies or not. With the parents ready to support them with money and muscle power, if necessary, the adolescents’ behavior go haywire. The parents are too happy to lap it up or cover it up. But only when it affects them they feel for it and search for a scapegoat. 

The need of the hour is educating the parents than the children to prevent such things happenings in future. 

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