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How To Reenergize Yourself
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Sometimes you just feel down and low. If your situation does not allow you to move or take a break to recharge, try the following practice to reenergize!

Breathe mindfully for about a minute.

Set your intention. For example. "May this practice support and energize me."

Breathe mindfully for a few breaths.

Imagine each in-breath filling you with light. The light expands into your muscles, your mind, and your heart. With each breath, feel yourself growing warmer and stronger. If you like, repeat the words "growing stronger" with each in-breath.

Continue breathing mindfully.

Notice how each out-breath can leave you feeling lighter and more at ease. Try words like: "lighter and brighter, more energy" with each out-breath.

Breathe in strength and energy as often as you wish.

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