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Medico Messes' Messy Meal
Except a very few good colleges in india every other hostel has the same story of unhealthy and tasteless meals. Its a problem mainly for the freshers. After the savoury deliciously cooked and affectionately served food at home for 18 long years how can one expect these maa ke ladles and ladlis to feed on hostel's messy meals each day. Poor freshers! Pity n them! But its not too long before they too start adjusting under the 1st part completion test pressure.
The initial complains of a new comer usually includes " No taste, No nutrition, Ganda sarha hua khana and a lot more". They mostly shift on to fast food centers at first to satisfy their taste deprived tongue. But then to save their pampered gastric mucosa, they soon turn on to a heavy maggi diet or on to "ready to eat meals".

Yes, one industry that's gaining from the hostel's meals is these Maggi making and readymade meal making companies. One can see a innumerable variety of Maggis and different preparations of readymade meals on the racks of the nearby grocery malls. This becomes the rescue of the young student mass for the next few years of their life. Then upon being asked about the hostel ka khana you can only hear " nahi pata yaar aaj kya kal kya banta he mess mein kuch mess hi pak raha hoga!" or "kya kar sakte hain?".
Its so because nothing can be seriously done about it for it doesn't matter how mwny 100 times ever you call a meeting and flip the menu. The menu remains just as a menu. Tasty names like dosa, rajasthani curry, paneer chilly, soyabean chilly, chicken chilly, idli sambar, etc, and of course the "bread butter omlet and cutlet" breakfast come to be heard but as soon as you reach the dining room you are again served the same tasteless food with only new name. (And not even that at times). But in different to all this the management is only keen on incresing the price of the messy meals. 

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