At least you are not Them

- Angst Writing

You never know when you should stop doing what you're doing, if it feels good. Some day, the things you do, provided they feel good, will grab you by the balls, and rip them right off. But then, not doing what feels good only delays that. So why fight it? We're all the walking dead. Let's indulge ourselves.

The good part about having this basic philosophy thoroughly carved into my brain, is that it allows me to function. To elaborate, it allows me to overcome everyday nuisances like other people. Had I been one step below where I am mentally today, I would have been in an insane asylum, with the rest of mediocrity. Because that is where mediocrity thrives, and only there. Society only has room for the superior, and the inferior. Grey is an abstract, that is not allowed to exist. And rightfully so, because when someone is bat shit insane, who the fuck wants to have to deal with that on top of the every day inferiority we already have to suffer on a nearly constant basis?

I can suffer said inferiority, for very simple reasons. I am great, and everyone else sucks. Now, this may seem contradictory to my goal of enduring other people, but think about it. I may have to crawl through the bleak horrid miasma of their existance, and their relentless recital of such, but the light at the end of the bog, or around the edges if you will, is that I don't have to suffer being them.

At first, I would long for inferiority. Hell, even the lure of a padded cell seemed tempting. Some times, knowing a lot is not knowing a lot. It is knowing too much. But, as you allow some, though not all, of certain prominent historical philosophers, to bury itself and meld with your mindset, you rise above that. And I do mean rise above it. Make no mistake, it will make you a conceited, arrogant fuck head. But at least you are not them.

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