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The Collateral Damage
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With the advent of many communication media, I feel India is trying to overplay these activities completely forgetting the negative impact of the news coverage and entertainment aspects on the public.

First of all a country which is still said to be developing with an excess manpower is it necessary to have nonstop twenty four hours seven days a week entertainment and news coverage? Especially the entertainment angle has gone awry long back and the major part of the entertainment form incredible mega serials, continuous cinema shows and above all appalling reality shows.

Love, vendetta and violence are the main components of films and mega serials. It is true each serial making provide employment opportunities for a thousand people but at the same time they poison the minds of not less than one lakh public. Cinema is another horror which thrives in this country with unimaginable public patronage. Film stars and actresses are nothing short of a demi god for the gullible masses. They rule the roost and whatever they say hit the headlines and become gospel truth.

Indian politicians also exploit the media to their best benefit and try to harangue the public with their own exasperating views and openly enter into wordy dual with their opponents. Integrity, gentleman approach and decency have taken the back seat in Indian politics long back.

The print and the electronic media do not lag behind in entertaining the public with seamy sides of life. Therefore, we have several news items on robbery, theft, brothel, deceit, murder and corrupt ways of life. No profession in the present day India carries any moral or honesty. The poor want to become rich, the rich wants to become richer and the richer aspires to become the richest. A country which was supposedly upheld the moral and ethical values at high esteem once is presently brought those qualities to the lowest ebb.

There is no dearth of opportunities today. But, there is dearth for honesty and integrity. The standard of living of an average Indian has gone up definitely. But his behavior and moral values have turned dubious. Every city is chaotic and people prefer to lead a tumultuous, luxurious life than a peaceful one. The aspirations have gone from acceptable and appreciable levels to avarice to the point of being uncouth.

We supply manpower for the developed countries and earn a lot of foreign exchange to make our own country slavish and dirty. There is hardly any sense of patriotism even among the elders but only the focus seems to be on pelf and publicity.

Are these collateral damages of the modernization and development of India?

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