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The racing snaking bike in traffic is a treat to watch the rider’s deftness and dexterity leaves one in amazement. Hats off you are doing a great job. At the same time aren’t you suppose to respect the others on the road they too have to reach and even they are short of time.

A bike races past at neck breaking speed blaring the horn while I am on my trusted old Chetak I stop in fright, I too am short of time!  Is he not supposed to be more diligent on the road while driving and caring for other?

I amble out of my society to the pan shop outside the society gate which would not be more than 300 meters from home a neighbor  just past his teens politely ask me “ uncle lift” I decline by saying just going for a smoke round the corner. Once there, getting satiated I see this neighbor blowing smoke rings endlessly in the air. I strike conversation with him and tell him he may well be able to walk here his answer left me in bewilderment “Who’s going to walk that much this is quicker as if I had world of time spare I too was short of time”.

Each and every person in today’s times is short of time and does not want to be overtaken even eight inches of space between your vehicle and the one adjacent to in squeezes a bike with throttle flaring up and down and exhaust gushing smoke making it hard to breath. When you tell him to get the bike serviced he flares up who has the time. He too is short of time.

Since nobody has time they race around and we see a crash every day reason he skidded because he was fast, overlooked the gravel, pothole or his brakes failed. There is a very old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” but who remembers that one everyone is short of time. The icing on the cake is when the blame game starts. The one to face brunt is an autowala, rickshawwala or even an old man on cycle. The upper hand lies with the person with a person who has bigger or more powerful vehicle. This reminds of an incident I witnessed some time here on the streets. One busy link road to the main one with more than normal traffic both ways no road divider only markings. An autorickshaw was cautiously and carefully taking a U turn after checking both sides. Then midway he slowed to let a bike pass and then continued with his task zooming in was a bike screeched the brakes to halt. The pillion rider, white shirt body hugging oversized glares, extra tight jeans (wonder how could sit or walk) suddenly got down mouthing flowery words and instantaneously slapped the rickshaw “Dikhta nahi “turned sat on bike and moved ahead. What that was for was questioning my brain and heart. The busy road and you are expected to drive at a moderate speed. The auto guy checked and took precautions before taking that U turn. Who to blame short of time or rush of blood  

We drive for our own priority and dignity taking all the liberty that can ever take. Un concerned of everyone else on the road. Driving as if there was none but me to tread the path charted by many walked by few.

EVERYONE IS SHORT OF TIME. The one thing not yet in our hands.

The one thing that comes to mind watch where you go,

Flow to glow. 

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