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This city is centuries old and has always been a nerve centre for culture and heritage. The city is also called “the oxford of the east” due to the fact that there are so many educational institutes in the city. There are schools of level for every economic strata in the society. Numerous collages are dotted all across the city, if their academic stems are put together then I reckon almost all branches of studies is possible in the city itself. One does not need to search beyond the horizons of the city. Not to forget the one institution that grooms our entire defense personal in their initial stages. The soldiers of tomorrow are trained in this very city. 

The city was a town earlier inhabited primarily of retired people and of students. There was always a laid back or take it easy attitude here. Most if not all shops used to pull down their shutters after 1:00 p.m and it was siesta time for most, only to come back and open their shops after 4:00 p.m this was adhered to by almost everyone in town. The commotion on the road was minimal not of this magnitude.  Each day this city brings within its fold more than 400 vehicles this is my understanding .There were lesser vehicles on the road with more two wheelers than four wheelers in the city, thus fewer traffic jams and choke up. The laid back easy going attitude was visible. The road has remained the same but the vehicular traffic increased ten folds. Talking of weather it was pleasant even in the hot summer months, old-timers say that houses in the city were built without any arrangement for ceiling fan it was cool if I may use the word. Nor were you an odd man out wearing a jacket or cardigan. A light quilt was what people tended to use in nights. This place was and is to many a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the mega metropolis Mumbai. People come here for weekends to relax and unwind. Such was and is the charm of the city even in its erratic ways. Beckoning with open arms, laid back and take it easy attitude, taking a step at a time was the way the city breathed and lived. With open spaces green all around, quiet, honest, simple were the people but yet many open minded and forward thinking individuals with very a very strong cultural and heritage roots imbibed in them.  There lies yet another facet of the city 

The city moved to towards industrialization as space was getting scarce in Mumbai which happens to be fewer than 200 kms. This brought about a change in dynamics of the land, people and perceptions. The open green landscape started diminishing giving way to factories, multistoried complexes and houses. The weather that was always pink started changing its color to grey Warmer by every passing day, fans and air-conditions made way to already alarming green house effects that we rave and rant about all the time. People’s perception also underwent changes the take it easy attitude depleting, replaced by rushing all over jumping the queue, breaking the traffic signal, squeezing the bike in minutest of gaps to be ahead of the other. Boisterous voice started getting heard, fist fights on streets, incidents of cheating in every form and manner came to light every day. Petty ideology drawn on line of caste and language began germinating resulting in society getting more divided than it already was. People and homes getting dissected on ethnicity and ethos that never was a part of the culture and heritage of this city. What was being acted and preached in hushed voices came out in the open.  The camaraderie among people is getting lost yet traces can seen in everyday life.  Even when things are fast changing, evolving in the city there are traces of real life and humanity predominant here. The wheels of changes are unstoppable I do agree but if every person does a bit will go a long way  

The city once a Mecca of education today wears a very different, look drastically changed if I may say it is unrecognizable today. The laid back attitude of the city getting banished forever. 

Who do we blame, our own selves why were we educated why were we taught the culture and heritage , only to get trapped and follow like a heard of buffalos. 

Man why don’t you be man even in your pursuits of excellence. Yours is only life form that can analysis and think rationally. 

The power or agony of development I don’t know what to say :

Live (for)

Tomorrow to weave   

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