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Burning Desire In Life
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Do you have a burning desire in life? If so, you know that it's powered by determination, unquestioned faith and belief in your abilities, and the courage to act in the face of fear.

To take your burning desire to the next level, here are a few suggestions.

1. Make it precise. State very clearly what you really want in life.

2. Make it come alive in your imagining. Visualize it. See yourself...in full color and exacting detail...achieving the desired result.

3. Make it very intense. The more vivid you make the image, the stronger your desire will be. And the stronger your desire, the more determined you'll become.

4. Make it inescapable. Leave yourself no possibility of retreat. Failure cannot be an option.

5. Make it happen. now that you know exactly what you want and can vividly see it, go after it with determination and faith.

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Dear Dr. Chopra, Thanks for sharing this very inspiring Article. Working on the same thought process, let me add my 2 cents to it: 

Mann Mein Lagan Ho,
Aur Dil Mein Agan Ho
To Koi Bhi Kaam
Mushkil Nahin :-)
Kyonki Bhagwan Ke Ghar
Der Hai, Andher Nahin !

If my heart is on fire with a burning desire to do something, I'll do it anyway, come what may, for if I've got the will, I'll find the way! 

~ Always Aparna ~
10/06/2010 05:44 AM

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