To Hell with Commonwealth

Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer hoped for a failure of Delhi Commonwealth Games for his own reasons. He had many axes to grind and he just used the opportunity. But there are so many Indians who wished the same for a different reason. If a failed game could pave the way for a failed Commonwealth, what can be better than that? The entire concept of a Commonwealth under a disgraced royalty is not only outdated but ridiculous. Britain had looted all the colonies it had ruled earlier and now the victims are willing to get together under the leadership of an erstwhile looter. What can be more idiotic and self defeating than that? Britain is now a third-world country, which will definitely become Islamic by 2050, and to accept the continued leadership of such a nation is a shame. Such an unnatural combination of the looter and looted does not serve any purpose. Its decisions and resolutions are not even worth the paper it is written.
It was an insult to watch the Delhi CWG getting inaugurated by a disgraced Prince and his concubine, when the national head of world’s largest democracy remained a mere onlooker. Commonwealth is a misnomer and it is hightime the organization is dissolved. 

More By  :  J. Ajithkumar

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