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Success Formula
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1. A commitment to succeed.

2. Have a realistic plan to succeed.

3. Always learn from your mistakes.

4. Go the extra mile in life.

5. Accept responsibility of your actions.

6. Welcome new ideas.

7. Compliment people.

8. Keep yourself physically and mentally fit.

9. Try to allow nothing to disturb your peace of mind.

10. To put first things first.

11. Never ever lose your self control.

12. To think the best, work for it and achieve it.

13. To take every disappointment in life as a stepping stone to greater success.

14. Each person should have this goal; may I become wiser, better and happier.

15. Learn to listen carefully and you will achieve a great success in your life.

16. Anyone who has ever achieved anything in life can give credit to practice and self discipline.

17. A good statement to use in the face of distressing setbacks is; I am not discouraged, I am persistence and I must go forward and achieve my goals.

18. You should not make too many promises which you cannot honor them.

19. To attain success in life you must be a man or woman of action.

20. It requires a great deal of effort to keep the ambition of success alive in human heart. It must be backed by a robust will power, stern resolve, physical energy and great power of endurance, to be effective.

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