Jana Gana Mana - 100 Years


Janaganamana 100 –

Bringing out a National poetry anthology on the Centennial occasion.



‘Janaganamana’, the plank bearer song of our independence movement along with Bandemataram, is entering its hundredth year from 27.12.2010. The Centenary will continue up to 27.12.2011.


Tagore recited this song for the first time in the 26th National Congress Session at Calcutta on 27.12.1911. From 24.01.1950, the first stanza of the song has received the honour of National Anthem of India.


To commemorate the occasion, a national poetry anthology is being brought out from Visakhapatnam, in Dec. 2010.The anthology will comprise poetic contributions from more than 100 poets from Andhra Pradesh and other states of India.


In this connection, as you are a poet of repute in your language, you are requested to kindly send a A-4 page poetic contribution in English for inclusion in this anthology, which will be first brought out in Telugu, in Dec. 2010, and in English along with the Telugu contributions, in Feb-March, 2011.


At Visakhapatnam leading the centennial celebrations of the ‘Janaganamana’, a musical album, a souvenir, and a few other related publications are underway, slated to be released in the last week of December, 2010.


As such, your kind contribution may kindly be sent to Dr. T.S.Chandra Mouli

 [ ]   the Member –liaison, Editorial Board, by e-mail on or before 15.11.2010. Please appreciate that contributions received after deadline will not be considered, due to practical constraints.


Thanks and regards,


T.S.Chandra Mouli


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Comment Respected Madam, I am extremely sorry to inform you that I am equally in the dark as you are. I have no information from the people in Visakhapatnam [ Mr Ramateertha & Mrs jagatdhatri] who sought my help in collecting poems.This is the first such experience for me. While they are active in every conceivable manner both on fb and out side, there is no info as regards the project announced.You may contact jagatdhhatri on fb regarding this project. Kindly excuse me.It is so embarrassing to offer an explanation, for no fault of mine.My only folly is to believe people and what they say blindly.In good faith I endorsed the call for poems. Careful reading of the content may reveal the fact that I did not draft it.I blindly posted it on, as I trusted them as good friends. regards

Sony Dalia
11-Jan-2015 08:17 AM

Comment What has been the fate of the anthology, has it been published?

kumud biswas
10-Jan-2015 18:11 PM

Comment Dear sonydalia, I would request you to please visit my profile page where you will get the necessary details.

kumud biswas
01-Dec-2010 06:12 AM

Comment Kindly mail your details,pl.

28-Nov-2010 10:46 AM

Comment As I was not well I did not visit the blog.I am sorry. Both poems are approved and will be sent to editorial board.Thanks for your enthusiastic support.

28-Nov-2010 10:44 AM

Comment Dear blogger, I posted two poems of Tagore in my translation asking a very simple question - will they fit the bill? You have neither approved my post nor let me know your answer yet.

09-Nov-2010 17:22 PM

Comment I expected some reaction from the blogger about the Tagore poem and  song I submitted here in my translation for consideration of inclusion in the projected anthology.

kumud biswas
04-Nov-2010 18:53 PM

Here is a famous song of Tagore in my translation which also you can include in the anthology.

The sky is full of the sun and the stars
The world is full of life
Among all these I have found a place
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
The world is swayed
By eternity’s rushing tide
Rising and falling
 I have felt its tug in my blood
Racing through my veins
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
While walking in the woodlands
With my feet I have touched the blades of grass
I have been startled by the flowers’ fragrance
They have all maddened my mind
The gifts of gladness and joy
Are strewn all around
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
I have pricked my ears
I have opened my eyes
I have bared my heart to the world
In the midst of the known
I have sought the unknown
And in wonder and amazement I sing.
The song – Akash bhara surya tara biswabhara pran by Rabindranath Tagore. Listening to the recording of this wonderful song by Debabrata Biswas is a rare experience. Transcreated by Kumud Biswas.

31-Oct-2010 01:58 AM

Comment Here is a famous Tagore poem on music in my translation. You may include it in your projected anthology if you like.

This is the alley
Named after Kinu the milkman.
By its side stands
A two-storey building
Its ground floor room
 Is enclosed by iron railings.
 It is thoroughly damp
Here and there its walls
 Bear ugly damp marks
In places their plasters are also peeling off.
On its door hangs a rag
Torn from a bale of plain cloth
Stamped on it is
An image of lord Ganesh,
The god who gives one success
In all enterprises.
With me
In that room lives another creature
Who of course pays no additional rent
It’s a common lizard
Found in dwelling houses
The only difference is this -
It is in no want of food.
For my food
I have to give tuition
To the young son of the Duttas
For I am only a junior clerk
In a business house
And my pay is only twenty-five rupees.
In the evenings
I go to the Sealdah railway station
There I spend my time
For it saves me the cost
Of lighting my room.
There is a lot of noise
Of rail engines and their whistles
And a lot of hustles and bustles
Among passengers and porters
At half past ten
I return to my lonely den
Utterly dark and silent.
In a village
On the banks of the river Dhaleswari
Lives my paternal aunt
It was settled
 That a hapless fellow like me
Should marry the daughter
Of her husband’s younger brother.
The date fixed for the ceremony
Was found to be very auspicious
But on that very day I fled away
At least it saved the girl from a calamity
And of course me too.
To me she never came
But now she always moves about in my mind –
Clad in a Dhakai sari
And on her forehead with a blob of vermilion.
When the rains come very heavy and thick
I have to spend some extra money
For my journeys to the office by trams.
For late attendance
Often I have to suffer cuts in my salary.
In every nook and corner of the alley
There gather heaps of putrid wastes –
Peelings of fruits and vegetables,
 Carcasses of cats and dogs
And various other things.
Like my deducted salary
My umbrella is full of holes
And my office dress is always wet
Like the mind of Gopikanta Gosain
Over-saturated with devotion to his deity.
In my damp room
Like a beast caught up in a trap,
 Delirious and unconscious,
The shadow of rain clouds broods.
Day and night it seems
Without any hope of release
Forever I am condemned to a half-dead world.
At the bend of the lane lives Kantababu
With well-groomed hair
And a pair of large eyes
He is a man of refined tastes
His hobby is to play on a cornet.
At times the vicious air of this alley
 Becomes alive with music
Sometimes it is in the dead of night
Or at dawn, half in darkness and half in light,
Or again in the afternoon’s glimmering twilight
In the evening all on a sudden
When the sindhu-baroan raga is played on
The whole sky resonates
With the timeless cry of a pining love
Separated from her beloved.
At moments like these
I realize
This alley is so absurdly unreal
Like the ravings of an insufferable drunkard
It also seems
There is no difference
Between a mighty emperor and a poor clerk
Along this plaintive note of music
Both the prince and the pauper
Travel together towards the same heaven.
And where this music is true
There in a timeless twilight
The Dhaleswari flows on
Its banks are deeply shaded by tamal trees
And one who keeps waiting in the courtyard
Is clad in a Dhakai sari
And on her forehead with a blob of vermilion.
Banshi from the collection Punascha  by Rabindranath Tagore. In the compilation Sanchayita it is entitled Kinu goalar goli.
Among Tagore’s poems on the theme of music this one is the most famous.
In Bengali ‘goala’ means milkman and ‘goli’ means alley. Transcreated by Kumud Biswas.

31-Oct-2010 01:51 AM

Comment Patriotic fervour , significance of the song look better.

25-Oct-2010 12:25 PM

Comment Should the poem be on some spefic theme?

25-Oct-2010 08:53 AM

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