Management is an art, a skill that has to be diligently cultivated , maintained and upgraded! Inside the family or outside in the wide world of daily contact. Tact is the key word for success. Also assessment of people's temperaments, capabilities, weaknesses and stregnths.

That is, a fair knowledge of human psychology - male and female: both are completely different in their logic, behaviour and reactions- is a must. 

Tackling a tricky manager above or a truant subordinate below in an office can be equated to tackling in-laws, spouses and children for women at home. Also neighbours, friends and relatives are to be included in the list. 

It is a tight-rope walk most of the time and acrobatic precision, timing and training is necessary. 

A broad perspective and an open mind can be very helpful. It is important to ooze confidence and cheer all around to keep afloat! 

A fairness and frankness in our dealings is highly desirable. A good manager needs to be a good confidant with a good listening ear. This will smoothen things a lot and prevent many a crisis. 

Great discretion is needed in touching sensitive matters. It is good to know and respect what is sacred, vital and prestigious for those with whom we move. 

Good manners are to be adhered to when interacting with both seniors and juniors. It is a mark of refinement and wisdom. It paves the way to winning also. 

It is essential to know when to speak and when to be silent, when to interfere and when to ignore. 

Keeping one's cool is imperative in the midst of tempestuous situations. That is the masterly method to handle anything. Flying off the handle is easy, to shout at anybody, to spew words of unthinking venom can never solve anything. But a poised approach will. This will be acquired with perseverance and a will to become a master/manager. 

Being at the helm of affairs is not an easy joke. It requires utmost patience and prudence. Choose bouquets instead of brickbats. A pat on the shoulder, a warm handshake and a word of sincere appreciation will take you miles on wings while rubbing a person on the wrong side will not help you to budge an inch. 

Open or hinted threats to those around us is a barbaric method of achieving our ends. And unreliable too! Respect for oneself and others is a nugget of assets desired for possession. 

Learn to forgive and forget. It is human to err. By being generous generally most frictions are avoided. Do unto others as you would be done by. This also indicates one's ability to empathise, to be able to put oneself in another's shoes. Visualising the problems of other persons helps in the long run to solve them or even prevent them. 

Being born as the eldest of 3 sisters, married into a family of 4 children as the eldest daughter-in-law, having brought up 2 sons and 1 daughter, getting them all married, mingling with new-found extended families, watching with pride the growing of 6 grandchildren -5 grandsons and one granddaughter - has mellowed me considerably and have proved to me strongly what are the right requirements to be a good 'manager'.  

More By  :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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Comment  well well 2 sisters 3 inlaws 3 children 6 grandchildren and no grey hair!!! That must have taken some management.I started greying at 30 dyeing at 40 stopped at 58 and shocked to find no black.No in laws to manage
1 son nog.children yet.Bad management -eh

19-Jun-2011 11:59 AM

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