Words Can Heal

Using these words and phrases can increase your chances for success and happiness:

I am special
I am unique
I feel good about myself
I work on imroving myself
I am beautiful or handsome
I radiate confidence
I have a purpose in life
I am significant and needed
I am healthy
I am loved
I am responsible
I am strong
My challenges are my teachers
I'm willing to learn
I trust my inner voice
I'm always in the right place at the right time
I can solve my challenges
I believe in my skills and talents
I can get the job done
I expect great things to happen
I am qualified
I am worthy
I accept myself the way I am

Positive self-talk and conversations are good qualities. can learn to be self-assured and confident instead of egotistical, self-centered and cocky. Positive words affect your health, reduce stress and create peace of mind. You can attract or repel healthy relationships and opportunities, according to your words. Life is a mirror. You attract into your life what you radiate, think, say, give and love.

Your positive inlook will shape your outlook in life. If you are optimistic and understand the power of y our spoken words, your chances for success and solutions are more likely than for the person who speaks negativity.

More By  :  Dr. Chetan Chopra

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