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Do You Have A Plan?
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Do you have a plan in your life? What is your plan? Have you failed to plan? Can you carry out your plan? If you do not have a plan, what do you plan to do? Life is much too precious to waste time on wonder and worry.

You can predict your life's alternatives now, if you take the time to plan.

Plan your moments to be joyous.

Plan your hours to be productive.

Plan your days to be filled with peace.

Plan your weeks to be educational.

Plan your months to be filled with love.

Plan your years to be purposeful.

Plan your life to be an experience of growth.

Plan to change.

Plan to grow.

Plan to spend quiet moments doing absolutely nothing.

Planning is the only way to keep yourself on track.

And when you know where you are going, the universe will clear a path for you.

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