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Knowing Youself Is Important In Life
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A person who knows himself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, is the master of himself and his life. There is no obstacle in the world that he cannot overcome.

As a species we have mastered the external world, but we are still a mystery to ourselves. We explore the farthest reaches of outer space, but the inner space of the psyche remains uncharted. Because of this lack of self-knowledge, we have created havoc for ourselves and the planet.

It is high time that humanity attain a new level of spiritual maturity and move from adolescence to adulthood.

it is time to let go of selfishness and greed and live the central teaching of the world's thy neighbor as thyself.

Only a knowledge and experience of our spiritual nature will create a shift in consciousness so that the long-awaited transformation may at last take place in our lives.

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