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Need, Comfort, Luxury
Same Price, Only in India!
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For the first time in the history of mankind ‘Need’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Luxury’ are sold at the same price in India!

Onions Rs.65, Petrol Rs.65 and Beer Rs.65 
The only place in India where food is cheap.....

Tea Rs. 1.00
Soup Rs. 5.50
Dal Rs. 1.50
Meals Rs. 2.00
Chappathi Rs. 1.00
Chicken Rs. 24.50
Dosa Rs. 4.00
Veg Briyani Rs. 8.00
Fish Rs. 13.00

This is actual price list.
These items are meant for "POOR PEOPLE" and are available at the Indian Parliament Canteen.

The salary of those poor people is Rs.80000 per Month!! PLUS HEFTY BONUS IN SCAMS....
Every Indian has a right to know this (this all money comes from our pocket, TAXES YOU PAY)

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