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The Real Saviors of this Nation
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Every man or woman needs to proud about their country. That is supposedly an unwritten dictum followed by all countries in this world. It is generally based on the culture, ethnicity, natural wealth and the personalities who became famous through their great work in any field from science, arts to philosophy.

Indians never fail to talk very high about its ancient origin, culture, great men, arts and its enormous manpower spread all over the world. But, do the happenings in our own country in any manner worthy of feeling proud about this country or the people who rule it?

India seems to be the only country in the whole world riddled with hypocrisy. The recent happenings and the major leaders’ behavior to say the least are nothing but a matter of shame. We may be the largest democratic country but we are the meanest people in the world. We may be supplying the young, intelligent and energetic manpower to the entire world. But we are the one who indulge in all sort of criminal activities notwithstanding the educational background. India is considered as the land of philosophy which preached the materialistic and existentialistic foreigners the greatness of spiritual bliss. Nevertheless, today the scenarios we witness are something diametrically opposite; the spirituality is used as a ruse for all illegal and immoral activities and to amass wealth for luxurious living of the God men.

Corruption in every sphere of life is rampant. Lies and cheating have become a national behavior. Criminals are elected by us to rule the country. The rulers are interested more in improving their wealth than the wealth of the nation. The educated prefer to toe the lines of the politicians for pelf. Educational institutions have become commercial places trading degrees for huge sums. The world’s wealthiest individual and God belong to India. India, we cry hoarse, is still a developing country and suffers from poverty. We claim that we teach the world about the greatness of family life; today the next generation never wants even the parents in their homes but send them to old age homes.

Every possible crooked ways are adopted to achieve success in any field whether it is science or art. Cinema and film stars enjoy the status of God. Not a day passes without news of crimes related to corruption, chicanery, murder, sex or violence. With all these, we still speak of honesty and integrity. We believe in good, however minimum, as it is can spread its radiance around and safeguard one and all irrespective of the quality of the beneficiary.

I bow my head in reverence to that small miniscule percentage of good, benevolent, honest, sincere, conscious, moral, humble and genuine population saving this nation from catastrophe at every point.


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Comment Thank you for your honest and sincere comment!

G Swaminathan
04/10/2013 22:15 PM

Comment Sir, Very simple but true article. I will try to get into that "small miniscule percentage" and I know I am not into it.

04/10/2013 17:32 PM

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