The silly Indian media

 The Idea to start a "special" blog is born from the delicious opportunity the Indian media presents me to bash them every once in a while! 

More By  :  Col. Gopal Karunakaran

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Comment Sir, thanks for sharing. I too believe that media can play a very important role by enlightening and connecting us to the core issues of our district, state and country. What's new in the field of technology, education, research, and many more topics that can empower the youth and citizens of our country. Media should actually follow the quote,'Lets be the change we want to see in this world' or may be,'In a gentle way we can shake the world.' Regards, Shuchi :)

Shuchi Khanna
02-Jun-2015 06:23 AM

Comment The Indian Media is living the paradox? Why are they here? what do they teach at journalism  schools? Teachers are taught that they are in the profession to teach, military officers are taught they need to defend the country - what would you expect the media schools to say to their students - obviously that they must report news - or hopefully news that matter.
However, once they get to the news room or the newspaper offices - they are pretty much told - is the story worth investing in..

Will it get readers and interest readers - will people switch to my channel to watch it ..... will the returns be commmensurate  to the investment ....

here is a video, TOI Vs Hindu ....  which captures the irony ....  

If u read the TOI  - and the majority of the English newspaper readers of India do - May the many Gods of India bless us and our childrens future! !   


18-Feb-2012 23:59 PM

Comment  The Indian Media's  obsession with the Lokpal is so self reflecting of where they are - no originality of thought,  no sense of perspective, no balance in reportage

 Is it the only thing of concern in India over the last two months? Is Anna's campaign "his"  campaign ? Or does it reflect the concerns of the lay Indian?
Are there other major concerns that must take this space - for e.g , the lack of attention to education or health care for the poor in India ?  

31-Dec-2011 11:53 AM

Comment I remember talking to the editor of a major newspaper in Kerala about why they never seem to publish "good news"! I suggested they have a "good news" page, about the good things people did. He looked disbelievingly at me, as if I had taken leave of my senses, and exclaimed: No one wants to read stuff like that! I rarely watch "breaking news" on Indian channels. It is mind numbingly dull and repetitive; I cannot imagine how people like to telecast stuff like that. Is this what they teach at at media schools? The good news is that there is a tremendous opportunity for people to come up with things people would like to read, that would keep them better informed and aware of the world around them. I am sure there are entrepreneurs out there who would seize the opportunity and consign some t=of these dinosaurs to the dustbin of history!

C Balagopal
29-Jun-2011 00:37 AM

Comment  The shoe story of today  - the 6th of Jun 2011 - is the ultimate  stupid story - someone  - Shows - only shows -  a shoe at a congress general secretary and the media goes shrill and hysterical - for five hours - each and every channel ! 

The dumbing down of our media - will cost India dear - the opinion makers of India only have time for the silliest things which will happen in Delhi - no other town or city or place seems to be important to warrant a story by what they call themselves - national media!!! 

06-Jun-2011 12:32 PM

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