A Clean Discovery

Eureka, I have found it! And I feel no less than a small baby version of the great man himself, who not only discovered the realms of science all students crib about, but also the profound exclamatory word! Having discovered myself, I felt the sudden urge to splur it out, pour my heart and share the great find with everyone. Everyone I know and the smaller subset of anyone I don't.
"And what on earth has this bloke suddenly figured out? For how we understand materials, there's hardly anything left to be discovered on this planet, outside of how-to-get-politicians-to-be-less-corrupt?" would exclaim my dad with eyebrows raised and pince-nez barely held in balance.
Well, here it comes. The best use of hotel towels is, hold your breath, cleaning toiletries just before packing and checking out. "Whaaaat"? Hey wait, I am not finished yet. Think about it. Just think about it. How hard hotel towels are. You don't have to worry about frowning boss at home should you plan to use home towels for the big task. She will actually be happy on seeing lint free comb, sparkling razor, clean shampoo and moisturizer bottles and how else could you make her happier. Well, if you have the kind I have at home, you would raise suspicions, squints, sniffs look for lipstick marks in shirt collars. After all, if everything is so clean, you ought to have used something, where did you stay and whose creams did you use - but that is another story. You give some, you take some.
Coming back to the point, well, think about it. I am sure hotel-wallas want one to use their products. Ok, some like me would rather collect the miniature creams and artifacts for proud display as acquisitions at home, but usually you are supposed to use what they provide. My idea, like Sir Newton himself, came when I figured out that the towel used at bathroom doormat was the same size, colour and texture as the one on the basin to wipe your face off. And that was the day I stopped using their provisions. Moreover, I love the flowery pinkie thingie that Sweetie packs for me. It expels love and care she has for me. But not using the white one hotel-walla had hung for me made me kind of guilty. After all, they are paying their employees and the dhobi would be offended, right? And these ones fit the job perfectly. They are hard. They are rough. They are free. And they don't cause any guilt. So began my mind. First came the razor before being packed. Wow, I actually had forgotten what colour it was for all I could see now was white deposits of crème and calcium. It was supposed to be metal, so metal it became. And after my first experience, I kind of got excited like a little kid with the magic wand in hand. Next came the shave foam can. Thank God, they still make labels that can withstand the adversities of time. And then there was no end. Comb. Moisturizer. After-shave. Shampoo. My hands just could not stop. In fact, after having done everything I could see on the shelf, I was almost tempted to clean off their TV!
Now you see, the next time you are travelling, you know how to come back home and bring mile long smiles on your better halfs. And for those raising their hands to ask about the laptop screen and glasses, hey don't forget, you also get pillow covers there!

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Reena Baliyan
22-Jul-2011 03:43 AM

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