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Attitude Principles
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When bad happens: Assume it won't last long, look to see what isn't affected, and don't indulge in self-blame.

When good happens: Consider its effects permanent, see how much of your life is affected, and look to see how much you can take credit for.

Become more optimistic.

Talk to yourself in a confident, reassuring, positive way.

Do some honest good in the world.

Come up with alternative ways of interpreting an event or situation.

Change the detains of your thoughts.

Tell yourself you can handle it.

No matter what happens, assume it's good.

Keep persisting until the change you want happens.

Describe upsetting situations to yourself in emotionally neutral words.

Control what is your responsibility.

Direct your thoughts to what you appreciate and say it.

If your own greed is making you discontent, quit craming so much into your days.

Relieve negative feelings by turning your attention to purposeful act ivities.

Let go of an idea that causes you needless stress.

Find a way to turn your problems into an advantage.

Interpret events or situations in a way t hat helps you.


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