Heartfelt Homage to Sai Baba

At 7.30 this morning, Apr 24, 2011, Sai Baba of Puttaparthy who influenced millions belonging to all faiths in 166 countries across the world, breathed his last and left all in grief and tears. He was 86 years old. This marks the end of an era.
During his life time all these years there have been many controversies and rationalists claimed him to be a great magician. True, he was a magician and his magic did not require a wand. His inner strength, his spirituality, his love for mankind and service to humanity were the elements of his magic. His genial smile, his prayers and his interpretation of religion took the world by a storm. He did not preach. He planted trees of good thoughts and good deeds in his garden and their flowers attracted the bees and butterflies - his millions followers.
By mentioning here his humanitarian services will not glorify him further, for he is so glorified that it will be like 'showing a candle to the sun.'
I am deeply shocked by the passing away of a godman who spread India's culture, tradition and spiritual doctrines in a modern way to the modern world. I pay my respectful homage to one the like of whom appears on the earth once in several centuries! 

More By  :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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