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Science and Religion
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The tussle between Science and Religion is as old as mankind. Let us analyse it in simple terms. What is the essence of Science? It is our eternal quest for TRUTH and there is no FINAL WORD in Science. It is ever questioning, changing and accepts no finality until one day we may discover the answer. What is the essence of Religion? It is the path to realize God or the meaning of it. Since God is unknown, there can be no FINAL WORD again. Thus which is the only Religion that can be termed as scientific? The only path where there is no final word, only one book or the last prophet? The only way to God that allows Man to read, learn, observe, experiment, criticize, reject, accept, be atheistic, be agnostic or be faithful? The only modern and progressive line of approach that gives complete freedom of thought to mankind? The only Religion that says that there can be innumerable ways to God? The only Religion that does not proselytize nor conquer lands for increasing followers nor kill others to terrorize them to submission? The one and only Religion that is 100% secular in theory and practice? HINDU SANATANA DHARMA It is truly the only Religion that Science can admit as its partner in its search for TRUTH.

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Comment  True. 

I'd quote the verse

Ayam nijah paro veti
gunanam laghu chestakam
udara charitranam 
vasudhaika kutumbakam.

Hinduism is the omly religion who talked about the concept of Gobal Village ....the Vasudhaika kutumbakam and it has sicence as his partner. 

Gomati Dittakavi  Jonnalagadda,

06/17/2011 06:54 AM

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