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I Have Learned...
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  1. Growing up is learning to exclude things gracefully.
  2. Be yourself. Know yourself.
  3. Tolerate the discomfort of life or you will never learn the lesson.
  4. The solution to all problems...awareness, acceptance, action.
  5. If you have negative thoughts about failing, imagine how a computer word-processing program works : "highlight" and "delete". And don't forget to empty the trash.
  6. When you feel doubt, agitation, or indecision, it's time to pause, relax, and take it easy.
  7. Action is the magic word. The only way to solve a problem is with action.
  8. Nothing you ever give is lost, and everything you give is multiplied.
  9. Drop blaming from your speech and thought.
  10. Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character. Character becomes your destiny.

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