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How To Reduce Your Worry In Life
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How do you handle your worries?
Do you keep them in perspective, or do you allow them
to discourage, depress, and debilitate?
You can prevent your worries from making more worries.

Some suggestions to reduce your worries:

1. Ask yourself, "Is it real? What is the evidence that there really something to fear?"

2. If the situation is real, what are the implications? How long will it last?
How will you deal with it? Is it something you can change...right now?

3. Ask yourself, "What do I accomplish by worrying about this?"
If the feared event is in the future, ask yourself three questions:
"What is the worst thing that could happen?
How likely is this possibility?
What can I do to reduce the probability that it will occur?"

4. Act now to keep this situation from taking you over.

5. Write about your problems. Jot down some ideas, how to deal with your problems.

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