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Possible Benefits Of Yogurt
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Yogurt has been subjected to intense scientific scrutiny in the twentieth century and found to be a versatile therapeutic agent; much of its benefit comes from the prodigious activity it stirs up in the digestive tract.

Yogurt's distinguishing characteristic is its family of natural bacteria, called lactobacilli, that cause fermentation and hence a sharp taste.

Yogurt's therapeutic capabilities depend on the type of bacteria present.

Three cups of yogurt a day have lowered blood cholesterol.

A third to a half cup of skim milk yogurt daily has cured infants with severe diarrhea.

Other Possible Benefits:

* kills bacteria

* prevents and treats intestinal infections, including diarrhea.

* lowers blood cholesterol

* boosts immune system

* improves bowel functioning

* contains compounds that prevent ulcers

* has anticancer activity.

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