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Reforms for Police
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Reforms for Police Reforms appear to be a difficult proposition-more terrible than warfare. It may rock a nation. But reforms in every field is imminent. Let us be mentally prepared to accept it. In a democratic independent country everybody wants Police to be people friendly. But Police is projected as force and devoid of sympathy and cocern.Dressed like military force to fight enemies of a foreign country. Like gondas they hold all the time lathi and guns in hands to provoke common men .When one meets a police he begins to apprehend that he may be dealt with force.There is no need that a police in crowded place hold a lathi, virtually a lathi cannot frighten a criminal ,hence of no use as it only keeps the police away from common people.So first of all to make people friendly they should wear common formal dress and carry an identity card on their chest like common civil servant. Separate mobile police squad well equipped with arms be formed for encounter and combating violence. To negotiate with angry protesters and unlawful assembly plain cloth police should reach first and act. Because when armed police reach that area people apprehend lathicharge, tear gas or even firing and for self protection they also search stone and other materials to retaliate. In order to make police people friendly,the above tips may work.First of all we should remember that we live in a civilized and independent country where people rule.

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Comment mam,thanks a ever i shall be happy to receive some concrete comments on the issue.

Prafulla Sahu
08/08/2011 09:12 AM

Comment very nice....

Reena Baliyan
08/08/2011 06:36 AM

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