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Feel the Fear in Life
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What is it about us human beings that makes us so willing to stay in an unhealthy situation just because it is familiar to us? Why would we rather remain in a dead-end job, continue in a destructive relationship, or stay 'stuck' in a lifestyle we dislike simply because we are in a comfort zone of familiarity? Why is our attitude so often "I may be stuck in the mud, but at least it's my mud?" Is our fear of change so strong that we are willing to slip quietly by rather than face our fears and make changes to improve our situation?

If you are tired of being stuck and are ready to 'feel the fear and do it anyway,' you can begin by developing a new belief that change is good. If you look back over your life and examine those times when you were forced to make changes, you will find that, when all was said and done, the outcome was positive and your life was enriched by having made the change.

The fear associated with venturing into the unknown, whether it be in a new job, a new relationship, a new city, or changes in your daily routine is perfectly normal and to be expectd. But while it is normal to feel a certain amount of fear and apprehension when making changes, it is destructive to allow this fear to immobilize us, causing us to remain stuck in the status quo. We can instead use the fear and transform it into motivation to take positive action.

First acknowledge the fear. Trying to deny it will not make it go away. Accept that you have the fear and then refocus on the benefits you will gain by making the change. You can make a written list of all the good you will receive by taking action. By viewing this change as an opportunity, you can change the experience from one of fear and apprehension to one of joy and expectation. All this happens by simply changing the way you perceive the experience.

You can learn to transform your fear into power and harness that power to thrust you into a more exciting and challenging life.

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