Health Benefits Of Peanuts

Nutritional Highlights Of Peanuts....Peanuts are composed of half fat, a quarter protein, and the rest carbohydrate. They contain plentiful healthy monosaturated fats. Moreover, they yield good levels of biotin, tocopherols, folic acid, vitamin B1 and B3, and the trace minerals magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

One'third cup of shelled peanuts contains 280 calories, 24 grams of fat, and 11 grams of protein.

Health Benefits Of Peanuts....A food high in protein, monosaturated fat, and the antioxidant reservratrol, the peanut is showing itself to be an able protector of the human heart and blood vessels. One study of subjects who consumed a diet that emphasized peanuts, in both nut and butter form, for one month demonstrated that their risk of heart disease dropped by around 21 percent.

A second study, in which the subjects were given two or three servings of peanuts or peanut butter for one month also found reductions in the "BAD" LDL cholesterol.

Triglycerides, which are another risk factor for heart disease, also dropped.

More By  :  Dr. Chetan Chopra

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