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Three Way Remedy to End Corruption
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Corruption can be described as a dishonest gain. It is vulture that can reach any field any height to prey. Corruption in society, politics, bureaucracy, systems, religion-everywhere it is visible today even to the common eyes. But when we talk of corruption, generally large scale financial irregularities and scams dominate our mind. In reality Corruption has become so rampant in our day-to-day life that it is no more regarded as an untouchable social evil. It has become a relative term.

When we talk of corruption we are concerned about quantum and degree. Offering a treat in shape of betel, tiffen feast and party for any official work has been widely acceptable. There is not a single office where these transactions do no take place. it has become almost a shameless question for a father, father-in-law, mother, mother-in law wife or a friend, relative or neighbor to ask a salaried servant as to how much extra money he earns besides his salary. In this way corruption appears to have been socially acceptable. 

Now a day we talk of corruption in large scale and at high levels. But there again corruption nurtures corruption. A corrupt man sitting on heaps currency notes can easily woo an officer investigating any alleged case of corruption by means of handsome bribery. That is why a WT train passenger unable to pay for a 10 rupee ticket may go to jail where a person involved in scam of millions of rupees gets a bail very easily. Bribery in offices like Tahsil, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Police Stations, Hospital is commonly accepted as speed money to get your work done within your desired time.

It may sound odd to a few honest men who still live in such awful situation. I have full sympathy and support for those angels. My point is how long they can overcome such plight.

I personally believe man was born corrupt. A man who cannot be purchased for Rs100 may perhaps be purchased by 1000 or 100000. Everyman is purchasable. If not by money one can be captured by other means like wine and woman or by threat of murder or kidnapping. Even the heads of a state who are the ideal owners of unlimited wealth and power are found involved in various scams, the simple reason is that corruption is in the blood stream of all.

According to a recent study by transparency international India remains at 87 among 178 countries. 15 percent of Indians had first hand experience of paying bribes or influence to get a job in public office. A taxi driver manipulating the meter to jack up the fare. Traffic police seen openly collecting money from drivers and traffic rule breakers, common APL men procuring BPL card influencing local leaders, Poor job card holders under NREGS scheme taking some percent to sign documents produced by contractors in token of having done the work on wages although the work was done by JCP.  Besides bribery, now a days tax evasion, tender fixation, depositing money in foreign banks, extortion, embezzlement buying votes, human trafficking, commercializing health and education are dominant faces of corruption. The list of scams during a period last 3 decades has starling records. Hence I am inclined to mention to refresh the memory of my esteemed readers.

2G spectrum scam involving an amount of Rs1.76 lakh crore in allocating service licenses to telecoms companies where a former telecoms minister was involved. Common Wealth Games 2010 scam to the tune of Rs 35000 crore ,Telgi printing and sale of duplicate stamp papers involving Rs20000 crore, a big corporate scam of Satyam, for Rs14000 crore, Bofors arms purchase kick backs to the tune of $16 million. The Fodder scam, Hawala scandal, Harshad Meheta stock market scam recent IPL Scam, Adarsa Housing Society Scam, more interestingly Cash for Vote scam, have come up to tarnish the image of India which is known world over for its spiritual and moral values. It is thus seen corruption is as common and wide as air.

I would like to draw special attention to the issue of corruption. About $1.4 trillion India’s black money is in Swiss Bank. India, topping the list our country has more money than rest of the world. It is calculated to be 12 times larger than India’s total foreign debt. I find this is the most dangerous trend to deposit money secretly in a foreign country. Such corruption is not at all acceptable because it is an anti-national misconduct. Money earned by corrupt practices when lie in India within India, it is in the state and can be recovered at any time by adopting stringent laws but what can be done to recover the black money from a foreign country? It may be possible but I say impossible as it involves varying interest of two countries and its leadership. Here we will find more politics rather than intent to reach a conclusion because highly influential people of fields are involved in the mesh.

Corruption is now also state sponsored. Foreign investing agencies are allowed to loot this country's land and minerals in the name of globalization. If we can earn more money by this, why not auction India every year in world market, that will perhaps fetch more money. In the name of earning revenue Govt does no hesitate to grant license to sell poison in shape of tobacco and liquor. It is no way different to earn money by dishonest means. Time will come when state may opt to grant license for open marketing of prostitution that will perhaps earn highest revenue. Police given with special powers works like state sponsored goondas to frighten common armless people in suppressing genuine protests.

Now the question comes how this can be prevented. We know Anna Hazare and Ramdeb Baba for their daring efforts to fight against such evil. At the same time we are inclined to question where from they get money to accelerate their movement. We are put to question if a Baba has jurisdiction to try such an issue or if their movement is politically motivated or not. When in a village we organize a mela, puja or yagnya, have we ever bothered where from money comes? Can The press that is heating up with explosive disclosures of corruption introspect over their own position on corruption. This is another aspect –corruption to fight corruption. Is this proposition acceptable?

I clearly remember a childhood incident. My mother paid me Rs 10 to bring sugar. After the purchase I found 50p left with me. I bought a biscuit for my pup and reported mum that the quantity of sugar I that I brought is for Rs10 and nothing left. How good such situation may sound but somewhere the fact lies we all are more or less corrupt and the root of such a big grove lies in our blood and mind. There is no reason to idealize such sin. Yet I have the reason to believe that such a menace can be uprooted.

For eradication of corruption I find the role of 2 institutions to play a vital role - Family and School. If the parents and teachers will come forward this can be eradicated from the beginning. So time has come to involve them in the process. In order to involve them in this mission again our education system needs certain reforms. Lessons on morality, spirituality, love, patriotism human values in shape of classic literature should dominate syllabus at all levels. Our technological craze and materialistic endeavors should not dominate our requirement.

No law should dominate moral ethics. The Laws framed by old masters can save us and not the present laws . 'If you kill a cat it will take you to hell. If you do a sinful act you will earn leprosy.' That is why perhaps a hard core murderer will think thousand times before he kills a cat rather than a man. But these social messages have become faint these days and are condemned as superstitions. I think when our law fails superstitious beliefs with a positive intend is a better law.

My point is that the farther we go from literature and mythological ethics, the nearer we come to any social evil. Hence literature, films, opera of social message may be revived at all possible levels. Secondly politics no more should be termed as a nasty game. In fact it is a noble business. In stead of blaming politicians the good and just people with a great sense of social commitment should come to politics and be voted to parliament. We leave no stone unturned to garland an MP or MLA, at the same time we spare no time to blame such elected persons for any petty local or personal problem. So long as we blame only and do not take the responsibility to be ruled by deserving representatives such a grim scenario will prevail. Hence politics may not be discarded by good citizens. All should have the right to join politics. Those who decline are either timid or opportunists, and they have no moral right to comment on political affairs. To think, plan for the development of a state is everybody’s duty.

The difference between a politician and common man is that a political person can make it a profession by devoting maximum possible time where as a common man remains busy in earning his bread. But he should not think that politics is shrewd man’s business and he has nothing to do with it. This is lack of social commitment and a selfish motive, hence to be discouraged. I call them not simple and cowards, but enemies of the nation. The bad feelings about politics should come to an end. The nobility of politics be revived. All should love politics. politics should not be reserved for a particular section of people. CBI,CVC have been playing their own role within their limitations to combat this menace. Parliament is their to discuss and frame appropriate laws to check this evil. And it is a good sign now that many non- political people, social activists, even saints have come forward to lead such a movement. Let the demon of corruption be beheaded early.

Finally I am inclined to deliver a three way remedy to corruption: Fear god, and love your country and read morals - that will definitely give you the energy to crush corruption if in fact it perturbs your heart, mind and blood. That will lead us to light socially, economically culturally, politically in our day to day materialistic and spiritual endeavors.

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