A Hazard for Hazare

It may be easy for Anna Hazare and his followers to demand tough measures to end corruption; however, it is not that simple to remedy the problems of both black money and corruption – and, for that matter, problems of high incidences of automobile accidents, child trafficking, child labor, crimes, deforestation, energy, gambling, illiteracy, pollution, poverty, prostitution, traffic fatalities, and others.

The black money and corruption in India have been growing like tumors for many years. And activists do have a valid point in that present Prime Minister Singh and his predecessors in last 40 years have done little to pass potent laws to radiate these tumors.

But hazard for Hazare is that if he continues to supercharge his rhetoric, rouse up the crowds with inflammatory remarks, and remain intransigent then he could cause a chaos and instability in India and could encourage enemies to exploit the situation. Moreover, he could die while fasting and be forgotten in no time, but the tumors won’t quickly shrink.

A hazard for public is in following a leader blindly. We are poor and illiterate; we are easy to get mesmerized and persuaded; and we are quick to follow a charismatic haranguer. Read Nehru’s article in The Modern Review (Calcutta) of November 1937.

For Hazare and others, here is a suggestion that is patterned after the John Kennedy’s “Ask Not” line. Force not your Prime Minister to get things you want done, force yourself to become Prime Minister to get things done.

More By  :  Vasant G. Gandhi

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