Hazarian Gandhis

Our hopes about Gandhians got over when Indira Gandhi ‘hijacked’ the title. After the emergence of Indira Gandhi, most of the Gandhians we had are I-Gandhians and not M-Gandhians.

From ‘simple living and high thinking’, the art of I-Gandhians came down to ‘high living and low thinking’. I-Gandhians sported the Gandhi cap only on 2nd October and most of them are closet drunkards. The Gandhian attire have helped many of them in the same lines as the sheep’s clothing for the wolves. Gandhians are supposed to be adept in fasting and hence lean in looks. But look at most of the I-Gandhians, fat, filthy and farty. Most of them have looted the nation far beyond our imagination. Out of the 70 lakh-crores Indian black money in Swiss banks, atleast half would be belonging to this category. 

Anna Hazare’s arrival on the national scene as the real successor of M-Gandhi is definitely a welcome development. The real M-Gandhians can now call themselves Hazarians until the usurpers have been exhausted or exposed completely.
Much against the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi, Congress party had immorally hijacked the tri-colour and party name as just one of the political parties in Indian democracy. Their present sordid condition is highlighting the predictions of Mahatma. Steeped in corruption, nepotism, sycophancy and whatnot, the party is definitely passing through its last phase. Chances of a revival are far from reality as Hazarian Gandhis are an insignificant minority in the party today.

More By  :  J. Ajithkumar

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Comment Well said.But who will guarantee all H-Gandhis are M-Gandhis ?i call all H-GANDHIS should swear openly in the name of M GANDHI that they are not corrupt.

25-Aug-2011 11:38 AM

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