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Living in the present
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 Ever since we are born, we are conditioned to think about future, to work for future and to dream about how happy we will be in future if everything happens according to our wishes. I wonder why no one including parents emphasize on the present. Present is living. Thinking about future is a vicious circle. When a child is born, he is sent to good schools and colleges so that he can become something in future. After finishing school, you have graduation and then after graduation, post graduation; after post graduation, work; with work, marriage; with marriage, children; with children, their education and marriage. So, we are always working for the future and trying to attain some satisfaction in the fact that we will be happy after attaining a particular goal in future.  But what about the present? Parents often say work hard now and then you can enjoy later. Believe you me that  moment never comes. 

 The joy in living comes from present. Its about enjoying that cold glass of water after a walk in the summer heat. Those moments of laughter we share with friends and family. The peaceful sleep at night and the feeling of newness in everyday. Why do we forget all these and keep ourselves pre occupied with future? Its necessary to work hard for future but not at the cost of what is. Future is abstract, you can never be sure whether it will exist. Then why should I live with an albatross around my neck, always being guided by future.

Our minds are always wavering, figuring out permutations and combinations about how our future could be. When will this self tortured mind get some rest? This way it would be working with full consciousness and this is when we would be living and not just being dragged along by life as a side partner.

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