A Lifetime's Bond!

Intending to buy a puppy? Mind you he is going to win you over and become your best pal and remain so till he dies. Alas dogs have a much shorter span of life and they attach themselves so deeply that one tends to remember them throughout their lives. Well that is what I or you think about a dog. What does he think of this bond or bondage?
For your dog you are not just master issuing commands every now and then. You are the provider, the savior and a soul mate. Some dogs remain indifferent towards the master, there could be reasons for that. But most of them love to do certain things with the master always. For example the best past time for a dog would be to wag his tail and hind portion when you return from work and try to rub his head and face on your legs. And if you sit on the floor with him he would just love to lick your face-this is perhaps the peak of his joy! A daily repeat of this act firms up the bond.
Instinctively dogs are explorers. They sniff about and tend to explore anywhere looking for clues. A walk with you in the open is a kind of exploration. Your nose may not pick up the scents he picks up and enjoys and for you it may be nuisance being pulled aside suddenly with your pooch blowing dust under a shrub. More his nostrils work happier he is. And he presumes that you too are enjoying the sniffing game!
A car ride is still a great pleasure. Dog’s ancestors never knew what a car is. Dog evolved with his human masters and as masters developed newer technology dog too developed a taste for that. In olden days dogs used to trot besides the horses or horse drawn carts. Till then it was okay. Dogs love to chase moving objects and run after scooters, cycles etc. Some people imagine this is perhaps the easiest way to exercise the dog and make him run after their motorbike. One should never do this. If you observe a dog run, he keeps changing his pace and often sits down for a moment to catch up his breath. Greyhounds and other racing breeds run for a certain distance at very high speeds. After a certain period of active running they are retired and sent to loving homes. This is because excessive running causes dog’s heart to beat faster than its rhythm. It can lead to fatal heart attacks therefore one should never make a dog run after a vehicle. A fast trot with the master is good for both of them.
During a car ride once again dog’ nostrils are over worked. The varieties of odors that reach his nostrils are just bewildering. I wonder how his brain must be working at that time! Must be thinking of the ‘beauties’ living in the row of houses along the road or of the aroma of meat being cooked somewhere…! Thus a car ride too makes your dog develop a stronger bond with you.
Watch a pack of dogs sleep. They tend to huddle on each other. Sleep closely attached to each other. Therefore if you and your dog go to a quiet part of the house and just lie down together on the rug, with your arm across his body, he snuggles closer and closer, till both of you can hear each other’s heartbeat. Just close your eyes then, your fingers gently stroking his chin. You will find within minutes he too shuts his eyes. May be he is dreaming about you!
Watch a litter with the dam. They play amongst each other and with her as well, but after each bout they snuggle up to her and she licks them one by one. That is heavenly experience for all of them. Well I can’t suggest you to lick your dog, but touch of your fingers matters a lot. Caress him all over and more you caress, more assured he feels of the bond.
Hunting in a pack develops lot of bonhomie and brings them together. Once separated with his littermates and relocated with you a pup must continue to hunt. Naturally you have to be a mate at that time. Throw a ball or a Frisbee and he will chase and pick it up. Come towards you but never give it back. In real life he catches a prey and brings the carcass towards his lair not to share with littermates really. He teases them with his kill. He does the same with a ball and instead of delivering it you he wants you to chase him. Once you train him to retrieve the instinct to hunt with the pack grows further and he enjoys the game and ultimately leads to a stronger bond.
Once taught to fetch walking shoes, he knows that after putting them on you will take him on a walk. Watch the twinkle in his eyes at that moment. He is just excited with the idea of going out with you. Out of sheer excitement he brings his leash too, so that you do not waste time in locating it.
Dogs know how to win you over, it is time you also know how to winover your dog and develop a lifetime’s bond.
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More By  :  V. K. Joshi (Bijji)

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Comment Well said, Dogfather. Thanks.

21-Mar-2013 11:39 AM

Comment So very true. A lot of people come to me and say that they really want to keep a dog but are unable to do so because of some underlying problem. This is what I tell them. We have got so used to artificial things in life that we do not have to stomach for pure things. For example take milk, ghee etc etc. Similarly a dog gives pure love and most of us do not know what to do when we get pure and unadultrated love :)

Dogfather Sidhu
21-Mar-2013 08:10 AM

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