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Gandhi feared most for which never desired an open fight, He had inner support for the British for which declared A war of non violence to delay independence, He pretended love for the Muslim although exclaimed, "Hey Ram! At last."

He was a so-called Indian leader; for he loved goat-milk.  His followers marched with a herd of goats to his camps. He was shameless, loved to walk along crutching women on his sides.  He was not a good man as most often invited frowns from his wife.  He loved Nehru more than he did Subhas, a firebrand hero. He preached like a God to grace and pat shadow disciples. Godse knew him for which he eliminated such a dangerous traitor.

When I read my outburst out before my daughter, she said she would complain her teacher.  Her mummy said to the daughter, 'Don’t accept such boastful words'.  My father said, 'You don’t know how to respect a Father'. My friend said : Logic does not always make a man.

I felt I was in the exile to sing in vain ‘I am the monarch of all I survey’.
I looked at Gandhian monkeys, They did not grin, they simply passed by with eyes and ears closed, and mouth shut.  I then tried it in a debate which raised laughter instead of clapper.  I sent it to a paper, the editor said, 'My readers don’t read a unique frustrated mind'.

In the dead of night I wailed before the Muse for help, who said, 'Words may be yours, but the voice should not be. Any single SMS may stab Gandhi, but a poll is there to revive his soul.  Don’t be a dictator in opinion, a voter be. Gandhi is not one, he lives in millions. Not a father, he is the ‘Father of Nation’.

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