The Pleasure of Giving

I am, like many others, very fond of shopping and my cupboard is over flooded with clothes. I love wearing different styles and no old dress ever gets too old for me. With time moving hurriedly and many glasses of ‘Born-Vita’ I grew fast, making me unfit to wear some of my dear dresses. One day my mom asked me to clean my closet and to pile the old one’s separately. Looking at my horrid expression she said she wanted to give some of my stuff to our maid- Maala Auntie, who has four kids, two boys and two girls.

We can never argue with our mother especially if she is morally right. I agreed though any one could see me frowning.

Days passed and I got busy with my daily pursuits. Then came the evening when I realized something very obvious but somewhere still oblivious. I saw the youngest daughter of Maala Auntie. Her name was Kajal, she was 7 or 8 years old and came with her mother for evening shift. She was wearing my white-black zipper. It was a little loose but she has adjusted herself in it. She was looking so pretty and adorable. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her.
But what made me so happy? Why was I so delighted? I asked my self that is helping a better feeling? Then I felt maybe life is all about such simple yet meaningful acts; a small help, a shared laugh, and a few words of love. The act of giving doesn’t leave you empty, it fills you up with inner peace, a serene happiness, a warm feeling of pure love and brings you near the almighty. He is the supreme one who has given us all he had, he gave us the paradise, but he still is the richest. We all are children of one God; let us all believe in him and the pleasure of giving.

More By  :  Jagriti Thakur

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Comment  Thanks Shilpa di :)

14-Sep-2011 12:45 PM


very beautifully explained..... bravo!!

shilpa sharma
13-Sep-2011 14:04 PM

Comment Good..nice gestures are always adorable..keep it up

13-Sep-2011 07:24 AM

Comment  Thanks Monika :)

12-Sep-2011 13:28 PM

Comment hi jagriti,this is really nice and sweet on your part and a good piece of work and this is really a learning lesson for me especially becoz m over obseesed with my belongings.

monika sharma
11-Sep-2011 17:22 PM

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