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Narayana Murthy, IITs and Chetan Bhagat
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India has developed certain good things in the post independence era. IIMs, IITs, CAT, IIT JEE, Civil Services, and Defense Services- these phenomena can be easily accepted as good things of our country. Consistency of the Indian polity comes from the talented Civil Services officials. Mixed economy, non-aligned foreign policy are some of the examples where despite leadership changes, India has shown consistency and has thus won credibility.  IITians, IIMians  are the pride of this nation. They are the bright stars who will carry the baton of knowledge further into coming years and decades. No nation can survive without talent and recognition of talent. Things will fall apart if hard working girls and boys are not encouraged. These young kids will run our laboratories, offices, and educational institutions.

It is for these reasons; anyone who speaks on these issues must think things out first. To say that coaching is spoiling the broth is easy. We have a large number of boards running in our country, which conduct secondary examinations. The level and marking system of each one of them is different. Cheating in the examinations is rampant in many parts of the country. How can we base entry to these extraordinary institutions through secondary examinations unless and until we achieve uniformity there?

Murthy is a great man, no doubt. But sweeping remarks ensuing without necessary thought process cannot be called good. Chetan Bhagat voiced the voices of many when he refuted Murthy.  There’s no need to demoralize children when we don’t have a ready alternative to a time tested system. Changes in the system must percolate slowly. There is no point in ringing the alarm bell. Those who are preparing for these examinations get confused. An unnecessary debate results and nothing is achieved. So, let us please think before speaking.

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Comment I didn't understand the reference to Mr. Murthy in this article. I wish the author had organized the article properly stating what Murthy has done wrong..PGR

09/26/2012 12:17 PM

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