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Dance of Atoms
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"Tis not foxtrot, nor cha-cha-cha or tango
"Tis, in all the things you see wherever you go.
Dance  a dance, round and round, kick and leap,
Swing and swing and swing your hip.
No partner? why sit idle, take electron,
Nucleus centre, make it fixed, about the proton,
Move and walk, dash and push, all steps,
Orbit around , to and fro, mind the gaps;
Hand in hand, hold it fast, form a mol,
Make a man, make a baby, and a doll;
Make the earth, make the moon, and the sun,
Make the mighty, and a beauty, what a fun;
The dance on, day and night, without end,
What a dance, dance of atoms, the dance grand. 

mol = molecule

N.B: A word to the young & aspiring writers, if anyone happens to read this: In  my youthful fancy in 1957, I thought; why not  adopt poetry as a medium for popularisation of science? And start with the structure of atoms? Soon this poem appeared on the blank sheet. A narcisist as I am I don't feel now, it was a trash. After all, it was my maiden attempt. Surely, it was a novel idea. I have no knowledge if anybody ever tried to adopt it. I should have followed it persistently to blaze a new trail, but I didn't  cast a second glance to the concept. I kept on rolling on and on to many varied topics, never sticking to one with perseverance and that's why I am where I'm today. I didn't gather any moss.

So, anybody desirous of attaining some worthwhile goal must stick to one thing and follow it through and through. Though at the fag end of life I don't feel success also is that important as it is generally perceived. There is pleasure exploring wilderness in absolute anonymity, too. Self-satisfaction - leaning on abundance of inner reservoir and not hankering after external applause - is equally of great value. The choice is yours.

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