Mother Nature

Have you ever heard the music of a running stream, the rustling of the leaves? Have you seen the glorious colour of the sky when the sun sets, the diamondstwinkling in the sky?

The peace we get when we feel a sapling in our hand cannotbe compared with any other feeling. It is blissful to be in nature, only becausewe all are children of Mother Nature.

There must be no one who hasn’t seen the movie Avataar. The beautiful world of Pandora is not much different from Earth. We all areconnected. There is only one soul, the soul of Earth which runs within us. We take itfrom her and we’ll return it to her one day. 
But what are we doing with our planet? We are blindly ruining it hiding in a veilof technology and science. The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to Earth.As soon as we realize it we can make a difference. Everyone is aware about how to bring a change, a small step to plant a tree is what is to be followed by all.But more than this we require showing respect to the Earth.
Earth is quiet but not dead, it is not a non-living thing. It is not a polythene bag which will hold our crap. We should learn to understand nature,before there is no such opportunity left. Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty,if only we have the eyes to see it. We all are a part of nature. Let us tryto recognize this relationship, let us show respect and care. Let us not forgetthat the secret of nature is patience but this doesn’t make it defenseless.

More By  :  Jagriti Thakur

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