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Lord Krishna and Harry Potter
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Lord Krishna is a larger than life persona. Archetypes such as these affect innumerable spheres. Many times the impact may not even be realized. Of course, we cannot thrust any notion of conscious inspiration taken from the persona of Lord Krishna for the formation of the character of Harry Potter.  We cannot say until Rowling herself says it. But the similarities are very striking. 

  1. There was a prophecy that Lord Krishna would kill Kansa. This is the beauty of epical tales. The end is known and declared; yet everyone wants to read it, discuss it. There was a prophecy that Harry would kill Voldemort. 
  2. Hearing the prophecy, the evil Kansa set out to kill Krishna at his very birth. He imprisoned Krishna’s parents. Hearing the prophecy, Voldemort also sets out to finish Harry and his parents. There’s such a deep-rooted fear in the psyche of these villains that they want to finish things at the very root. 
  3. Kansa kept Vasudev and Devaki in captivity, succeeded in killing their children; but he failed to kill Lord Krishna. Voldemort, though succeeded in killing Harry’s parents, failed to kill Harry.
  4. Krishna was saved by the love and help of his parents. Harry was also saved by the love of his parents. 
  5. Krishna was carried to Vrindavan, wrapped in a basket by his father, Vasudev during a dark and turbulent night.  Harry was taken to his relatives by Hagrid, wrapped in a bundle of clothes during night. 
  6. Krishna spent his childhood away from his parents as they were imprisoned. Harry spent his childhood with his uncles and aunts because Voldemort had killed his parents. 
  7. Kansa was Krishna’s real maternal uncle. They were blood relatives. Harry too has a part of Voldemort’s soul. Voldemort divided his soul into seven parts. At the time of his mother’s death, one part came to Harry. That is why they have similarities. Both of them can speak Parseltongue and both of them can read others’ mind. 
  8. Krishna killed Kansa in his teen age with the help of his brother and friends. Harry also kills Voldemort in his teens with the help of his friends. 

It’s interesting to note that the serpent is called Nagini. Magic relates to Tantra; Herbology to Ayurveda; and Divination to Jyotish. May be all this is mere co-incidence. If it’s a co-incidence, it’s a very welcome, interesting and heartening one. Universal stories always have strong links.  

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Comment It's a beautiful comparison that you have made.

Shridevi P.G.
06/20/2013 05:34 AM

Comment Very nice comparision between the two stories from world apart

11/18/2012 11:11 AM

Comment Interesting comparison!

12/01/2011 23:25 PM

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