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Once You Have...
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Once you have smiled at someone you can't take it back.

Once you have held the tiny hand of a new born child and the frail, weak hand of an elderly soul with his one last breath, you cannot possibly justify wasting another moment of your own life. Life is not just a beginning and an end it is how you live it in between.

Once you have stood on the edge of mentally spent, physically exhausted, and financially drained you have every right to say, "I quit!" But follow that by shouting "Now you take over GOD!" Then watch what He can do with spent, exhausted and drained.

Once you have seen a sunrise and a sunset, you know that God has kept His promise and has every day of your life. Have you kept yours?

Once you have said "I WILL" then you follow through.

Once you have more, you must give more to those who have less.

Once you have faith, you can never give into the power of doubt. Faith builds, doubt destroys.

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