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End of External God? - 2012
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The era of External God is coming to an end very soon. Perhaps the great disaster that is predicted to happen in 2012 relates to this demise of an External God who resembles us, has created humans in His own mould, monitors our activities and take great efforts in punishing or rewarding us for what we do. When Big Bang gets finally proven without an iota of doubt in 2012, the first to fall will be the age old concept of an unseen but omnipotent God who is breathing down our necks. All that will remain from the old era will be His omnipresence.
Big Bang, in very simple terms, proves that everything that we can think of originated from the very same ‘thing”. All that we can (or cannot) see and we can (or cannot) think of has the very same origin. We cannot imagine of anything that has not originated from that same ‘thing’, which means God, Devil, Good, Bad, Questions, Answers etc., originated from the very same source. The ongoing experiments at CERN are going to prove the Big Bang theory beyond any doubt in 2012. Existence of Higg’s field and Bosons, which are already accepted by many scientists, will be proven for the sake of entire humanity.
And once the theory of Big Bang is scientifically proven, the United Nations must affix its official stamp on it for the sake of humanity. It should take the lead in popularizing these vital discoveries and stamp out all other bogus beliefs that have kept humans down all this while. God is there in everything, everywhere at every time. What more is required to declare the basic equality of humans? Religious beliefs that have kept God away from human beings, only to maintain the control of certain books and clergy on others, must be declared irrelevant once for all.      

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Comment That big bang occured some 15 billion years ago and experimental evidence of it won't alter the concept of God according to Sanatan Dharma. Please look for concepts of origin of the world described in hindu scripts (which are written by rishi-scientists a few thousand years ago). What they wrote and taught was truth according to their elevated conciousness - not to maintain control of certain books above others !

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
10/23/2012 21:45 PM

Comment God is unity in the diversity. When diversities merge in the Unity, that's the end of the world, and through that whatever is called Big Bang or as the Hindus believe the world is created by the Sound Waves (Chapter 15.1 of Geeta), this has severally happened in the past in every Yuga/Era and will go-on as Creation and Destruction. (Srujan and Pralaya). Lord has said in the Geeta that this is Unavoidable (Apariharya) and we should not grieve over it.   

01/12/2012 11:19 AM

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