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Each year, 30,000 people in the United States are seriously injured by exercise equipment.

Americans will spend more on cat food this year than on baby food.

How many times will you move in your life? If you're an average American, 11.

Since 1935, the United States has lost 4.7 million farms.

Americans recycle enough paper every day to fill a 15-mile-long train of boxcars.

Approximately 80 percent of 10-year-old girls in the United States will go on a diet this year.

One in every eight Americans lives in California.

There is enough water in American swimming pools to cover the city of San Francisco seven feet deep.

The three biggest party days in the United States: New Year's Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, and Halloween.

Roughly 40 percent of U.S. energy comes from petroleum.

This year, Americans will throw away more than 100 million cell phones.

There are three times as many TV sets in the United States as there are people in the United Kingdom.

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