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There are many invisible lives around us that never stop inspiring us, though, its our eyes that fail to see those little things that have meanings bigger than infinity. The innocence of a baby?... Let it be the first thing, that should inspire you. First, because it's the very first stage of your existence... A baby, doesn't knows his surroundings... he's totally innocent to the unpredictable vagaries of the world. He's innocent to words like anger, hate, fight or quarrel. you, might have noticed as well...

When parents quarrel the baby starts crying, though being unaware what it is... He senses the negative vibe around him quiet strongly. He smiles back when you smile at him, just because of the twinkle in your eye he does not thinks or decides whom to smile back to and whom to ignore. He's one unprejudiced soul, an epitome of purity and innocence. He will accept you the way you are and expect nothing in return. Be it your small house or a big palace... He doesn't cares. He'll cry when he'll feel hungry and will let the world know about it. He'll sleep when he's sleepy... He doesn't cares if he'll dressed or not... As this is the way he was born. .... Of course we'll never get the innocence back, because maybe this is another law of nature... As we grow up we should learn to survive. Innocence, though, its pretty in all forms... Dies away slowly beneath the layer of emotions, experience, tensions and the rules that bound us in an invisible cage. What inspiration WE can take... at the most is to be unprejudiced ... To be CLEAR in your decisions,... and, as my friend says, to be YOURSELF... rather then covering yourself up and moulding it for other's acceptance. :) ...

The second thing that may inspire you is a tree. A short, though Meaningful inspiration... A tree... It sheds its leaves in the winter season but stands there straight... During the winters... it is left alone. Aloofed by the selfish people... It stands frozen all the days and nights... Till the spring season melts the layer of ice on its branch and a tiny bud invigorates into a lovely pink flower... And slowly and slowly, the leaves starts showing themselves up. At That time... it adds "scenic" pleasure to our eyes... surrounded with birds and butterflies and getting all the attention and appreciation by people. During summers...

When the evening sun is low and the breeze is cool people sit under it... and doze off to sleep with a book in their hands... the carefree days of "green"... during Rains they stand in its shed for the all possible precautions from getting wet ......... And the autumn season they collect its beautiful dead yellow leaves... and gradually leave it alone in the winter season. But it still stands there, for you. Where-ever we go, What-ever we do... It's right there just for you. Or maybe You're selfish enough to seek to its usefulness.. and leave it when it needed you. The inspiration YOU can take from a tree is its large heartedness. It stands there in all the seasons, Storms or winters or autumn or summers. IT never falls down. It faces all the experiences of its life time.. homes the birds and butterflies and kids and animals... And still it stands there High and proud and the care-free existence of its being... no sorrow of negligence. At the end, we know its worth and important. ... So be firm and nonchalant. Be the way you are, You'll be remembered forever. :)

And the third thing, I feel, can inspire you is a lake. It also remains there immortal. Homes many aquatic animals and amphibians and fishes. It seems like never ending, as far as we look it meets with the sky. We throw our debris in the ocean... and with its magical power it replenishes it all. We throw a stone in it and the only happening we see is a ripple... and then It gets back to itself. It's Cool throughout, but when its the times it brings in severe tides that reminds the people of its anger its been carrying for ages. But, at the same it gives you water to drink and survive. What WE might learn from this is... a clear cut saying by Paulo Coehlo. (and shared by my angel as well).. "Don't let your wounds make into someone you are not"... People may throw stones at you... You MAY ripple a little but get back to yourself and collect the stone as a milestone for tomorrow... :) .....

Live Openly...
Forgive Openly, If you think it cannot be forgiven, don't forgive with the half-heart. 
Love endlessly- you may lose people, they hurt you like anything. They hurt so much that you can't forgive them... Don't forgive. But that doesn't mean stop loving... :)
Since this life Will go on... let it sail through a smooth river.. ~~~~~~ 

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Comment @Arundhati Sarkar-  Wow.. <3 :)

18-May-2012 09:20 AM

Comment Beautiful  examples are chosen to which I would like to add the chirping of birds, a cloudy sky, the blurred horizon and an orange sunset.

Arundhati Sarkar
20-Apr-2012 02:33 AM

Comment Thankyou so much to for these BEAUTIFUL surprise that make me smile from ear to ear. :)

19-Feb-2012 10:28 AM

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