Who Should Rule a Nation?

J. Ajithkumar
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It is easy to notice the root cause of turmoil in any country. Wherever the majority is not in power and controlling the nation, there is unrest and turmoil. Majority can mean many things to many people. But in today’s world, when religion is everything and the clash of religious ideologies is dominating the world agenda, majority can mean only the religious majority. So the pertinent question to be asked today is ‘Who should rule a nation?’ There can be only one answer to it. Every nation must be ruled by its religious majority and they should take care of all sorts of minorities. And by majority it means interests of the majority and not a rule by those who are in majority.
Unlike the majority, which is well defined in today’s context, the question of minority can vary. Any one who disagrees with the majority in power in any form can become part of a minority. It can be religious, ideological, racial, colour or even one for no particular reason. It is not necessary for everyone to agree with all policies of those in power and differing opinions can come up from any quarters, which constitute a minority. It is the solemn duty of the majority in power to protect all such minorities.
Thus true democracy is one where power is in the hands of those who represent majority religious interests and unconditional physical protection is offered to all those who feel they are in a minority for any reason whatsoever.

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