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Movies Reflect the Moods
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Many recent Hindi movies keep the titles in English.  Actually, the Hindi films do not just carry English titles alone. Look at the content of most of the movies; they are almost like films lifted from Hollywood in dress, behavior, story line and theme. It cannot be denied that these films invariably mirror the changing culture of the new generation and the drastic transmutation taking place in the socalled Indian ethos.

The family dramas hardly carry any value in the present day nuclear families and a few turned out to be amusing for their antiquity and novelty among the jeans clad, easy virtue, gung ho lot.

Divorces, living together, pre and extra martial sex have become common features not only movies but even among the middle class now. The dress code has totally gone topsy-turvy with raisng hemlines, plunging necklines and low hip jeans revealing the undergarments. Marriages are shown just for a grand get-together rather than the sanctity of it. Drinking is no more a taboo but has a status value in the modern society. Similarly, smoking women also have become the part of the Hindi films. For example, Konkana Sen even admitted that her weakness is not able dispense with cigarettes in one of her interviews. Sexuality has come to open discussion.

With the boom of IT sector, many middle and upper class families and even some lower class families too have uprooted from India and settled abroad aiming at greener pastures.

Most of the recent movies’ stories are definitely far from Indian or best may be called pan- Indian. One cannot blame the film makers for this. The ever changing lives of ours only can take the onus. What is referred as ‘indecent’ or ‘vulgur’ has became glamour at one stage. A ‘vice’ turns into a ‘virtue’ through modern values. Transforms in the society and culture are the enduring things in the world.

Is there any meaning or purpose in looking for any identity there?

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