Andhra Mess - The Game Changer (Tribute to Andhra


I am just back after a heavy limited edition lunch at the Sai Andhra
mess (SAM) – I developed this way of naming Andhra messes viz.. BAM
for Bhavani Andhra mess, NAM for Naidu Andhra mess way back in 2005
while doing my Post Graduation in College of Engineering, Guindy when
we used to visit the numerous AM’s present in a small gully next to
IIT-M. Visiting Andhra messes almost stopped after I moved to
Bangalore for my job. Thanks to our (two of my friends equally
interested in being a AM-ian) constant effort to hunt down a AM, we
were lucky enough to find one in our locality and started visiting
that for weekend lunches. After my brief stint in Bangy, I came back
to namma Chennai and needless to say the relationship continues to
this day and has completed 6 ½ years. This blog is a tribute to this
fantastic food invented by humans. AMs are solid examples of
continuing existence of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) where the entire
family is involved in business and is considered a family business.
The eldest lady of the family usually sits in the Galla Potti (cash
tray) and gents of the family take part in cooking and serving. To
keep the blog short and to know why AMs deserve a tribute, please note
the following:

1.      North Indians are generally known to be averse to rice, but today I
saw four North Indians sitting next to my table enjoying rice with
their hands .This happens bcoz Andhra food cuts across the geographical boundary of
being South Indian Rice (food).
2.      A colleague of mine who did not accompany us to the mess came
running to my desk upon seeing me return from AM and enquired what I
ate in the Andhra mess
- Anything more to say?

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